Features Overview

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Features Overview


editor.icon Features Overview



The main feature categories of PDF-XChange Editor are detailed below:


Accessibility Features:


Determine the Reading Order of Documents.

Perform Accessibility Checks on Documents.

Set Alternate Text Descriptions for Document Content.

Use the Accessibility Checker/Report Pane to View/Edit Document Accessibility Information.

Use the Tags Pane to Create/View/Edit Structured PDF Information.


Annotation Features:


3D Comment Support.

Add Annotations to Documents:

Add Area Measurement Annotations to Documents.

Add Audio File Annotations to Documents.

Add Callout Annotations to Documents.

Add Caret Annotations to Documents.

Add Cloud Annotations to Documents.

Add Distance Annotations to Documents.

Add File Attachment Annotations to Documents.

Add Freehand Annotations to Documents.

Add Highlight Annotations to Documents.

Add Line and Arrow Annotations to Documents.

Add Link Annotations to Documents.

Add Oval Annotations to Documents.

Add Perimeter Measurement Annotations to Documents.

Add Polygon Annotations to Documents.

Add Polyline Annotations to Documents.

Add Rectangle Annotations to Documents.

Add Sound Annotations to Documents.

Add Stamps to Documents.

Add Sticky Note Annotations to Documents.

Add Strikeout Annotations to Documents.

Add Text Box Annotations to Documents.

Add Typewriter Annotations to Documents.

Add Video Annotations to Documents.

Add Underline Annotations to Documents.

Clear Measurements from Distance Annotations.

Convert Line Annotations to Distance Annotations.

Convert Polygon Annotations to Area Annotations.

Convert Polyline Annotations to Perimeter Annotations.

Cross Section Support for 3D PDFs.

Export Comments to Data File.

Export Measurements to CSV File.

Export Selected Comments.

Fit Box by Text Content.

Flatten Comments.

Summarize Comments.

Use the Comment Styles Palette to View/Edit Comment Styles.

Use the Eraser Tool to Erase Freehand Comments.

Use the JavaScript Console to Create Dynamic Stamps.

Use the Thin Lines Feature to Reduce the Size of Annotation Lines to One Pixel.

View/Edit Paragraph Properties for Annotations.


Bookmark Features:


Add Text to Bookmark Titles.

Bookmark Every Nth Page.

Build a Table of Contents from the Structure of Bookmarks.

Change the Case of Bookmark Titles.

Convert Bookmark Destinations to Named Destinations.

Convert Named Destinations to Regular Destinations.

Create Links from Bookmarks.

Export Bookmarks to HTML Format.

Export Bookmarks to Text File.

Find and Replace Bookmark Text.

Generate Bookmarks from Page Text.

Generate Bookmarks from Table of Contents.

Generate Bookmarks from a Text File.

Merge Duplicate Bookmarks.

Remove Actions from Bookmarks.

Set the Zoom Type for Bookmarks.

Sort Document Pages by Bookmarks.

Use the Bookmarks Pane to View and Edit Bookmarks.

Validate Bookmarks.


Convert Documents to/from PDF:


Convert PDF Files to MS Word Format.

Convert PDF Files to PDF/A Format.

Convert PDF Files to PDF/X Format.

Convert PDF Files to Plain Text Format.

Convert PDF Files to MS Excel Format.

Convert PDF Files to MS PowerPoint Format.

Convert CSV Files to PDF.

Convert Image Files to PDF.

Convert MS Excel Documents to PDF.

Convert MS PowerPoint Documents to PDF.

Convert MS Publisher Documents to PDF.

Convert MS Visio Documents to PDF.

Convert MS Word Documents to PDF.

Convert Markdown Files to PDF.

Convert RTF Files to PDF.

Convert Text Files to PDF.

Convert Windows Metafiles to PDF.

Convert XPS Files to PDF.


Create Documents:


Combine Existing Files into a New Document.

Create PDF Portfolio Files.

Create New PDF Files.

Create a PDF from Clipboard Content.

Create a PDF from Scanned Content.

Create a PDF from a CSV File.

Create a PDF from a Markdown File.

Create a PDF from a Text File.

Create a PDF from an Image File.

Create a PDF from an RTF File.


Create Fillable Forms:


Add Form Fields to Documents.

Add Barcode Fields to Documents.

Add Button Fields to Documents.

Add Check Box Fields to Documents.

Add Date Fields to Documents.

Add Digital Signature Fields to Documents.

Add Dropdown Fields to Documents.

Add Image Fields to Documents.

Add List Box Fields to Documents.

Add Radio Button Fields to Documents.

Add Text Fields to Documents.

Create/Edit Fillable Forms.

Email Form Data.

Highlight Form Fields.

Reset Forms.

Use CSV Files to Populate Forms.

Use Forms to Calculate Values.

Use Forms to Validate Values.

Use the Fields Pane to View/Edit Form Fields.


Customize the UI/Software:


Add Launch Options to Launch Third-Party Software.

Avail of a Range of Page Display Options.

Create Customized Settings Files.

Create Your Own Toolbars.

Customize the Layout of Editing Panes.

Enable the Autosave/Autorecovery Feature.

Enable/Disable Stroke Adjust for Page Rendering.

Export/Import/Reset Settings.

Group Your Favorite Tools into a New Ribbon.

Select from a Range of Default Page Layout Options.

Save Your Current Session for Subsequent Use.

Set the Language of the User Interface.

Toggle the Ribbon View for Documents.

Toggle the Right-to-Left Page Layout.

Toggle between Default, Ribbon and Touch-Optimized Layouts.

Use and Customize Browser Plugins.

Use Preferences to Customize Settings.


Edit Documents:


Add/Edit Document Text.

Arrange Selected Content Items.

Copy, Cut, Delete or Zoom to Selected Content.

Correct Text with the Text Correction Tool.

Create Custom Stamps.

Create Documents from Selected Content.

Create Stamps from Selected Content.

Create/Edit/Remove Weblinks.

Crop to White Margins.

Draw Lines for Tables in OCR.

Duplicate Selected Content.

Edit Document Content in Third-Party Applications.

Edit Document Pages.

Crop Document Pages.

Delete Document Pages.

Delete Empty Document Pages.

Duplicate Document Pages.

Extract Document Pages.

Merge Document Pages.

Move Document Pages.

Overlay Document Pages.

Replace Document Pages.

Resize Document Pages.

Rotate Document Pages.

Split Document Pages.

Swap Document Pages.

Edit and Manipulate Images.

Edit PDF Portfolio Files.

Edit the Base Content of Documents.

Enable Snapping for Precision Editing.

Export Selected Content to MS Office Formats.

Find and Redact Document Content.

Flatten Layers to Base Content.

Font Replacement Feature for Editing Document Fonts.

Insert Pages into Documents.

Insert RTF Files into Documents.

Insert Text into Documents.

Normalize Media Box Offsets.

OCR Selected Areas of Documents.

Perform OCR on Documents.

Redact Documents.

Rename Documents.

Sanitize Documents.

Spell Check Documents.

Split Documents by Size.

Split Pages by Guide Lines.

Take Document Snapshots.

Transform Selected Content.

Use Editing Panes to View/Edit Document Content.

Use the 3D Model Tree Pane to View/Edit 3D Comments.

Use the Attachments Pane to View/Edit Document Attachments.

Use the Comments Pane to View/Edit Comments.

Use the Content Pane to View/Edit Document Content.

Use the Destinations Pane to View/Edit Named Destinations in Documents.

Use the History Pane to View/Edit the History of Opened Documents.

Use the Layers Pane to View/Edit Document Layers.

Use the Links Pane to View/Edit Document Links.

Use the Properties Pane to View/Edit the Properties of Selected Document Content.

Use the Signatures Pane to View/Edit Signature Information.

Use the Thumbnails Pane to View/Edit Document Pages.

Use Guides and Rulers to Enhance the Editing Process.

Use the Format Tab to Edit Document Content.


Enhance Documents:


Add Backgrounds to Documents.

Add Barcodes to Documents.

Add JavaScript to Documents.

Add/Remove Watermarks.

Convert Document Colors.

Deskew Scanned Pages.

Enhance Scanned Pages.

Rasterize Pages.

Recompress Document Images.

View/Edit Document Properties.


Integrate Cloud-Based Services:


Open Documents from Box.com.

Open Documents from Dropbox.

Open Documents from Google Drive.

Open Documents from OneDrive.

Open Documents from SharePoint.


Manipulate Documents:


Add Images to Documents.

Add/Remove Bates Numbering.

Add/Remove Headers and Footers.

Autoscoll through Documents.

Calibrate Measurement Scales.

Compare Documents.

Create Number Ranges.

Crop Documents.

Email Documents.

Export Documents to Image Format.

Open Documents from a URL.

Optimize Documents.

Playback Documents.

Print Documents.

Search Document Text.

Set Page Transitions.

Show/Hide Page Boxes and Guide Lines in the Loupe View.

Split the Page View.

Use Inherited Zoom for Named Destinations.

Utilize Macros to Enhance the Process of Editing Documents.

Utilize Zoom Features.


Secure Documents:


Add Digital Signatures to Documents.

Add Long-Term Validation for Digital Signatures.

Add Security Policies and/or Passwords to Documents.

Certify Documents.

Certify Documents without Adding a Physical Signature.

Customize Security Options for Documents.

Timestamp Documents.


Miscellaneous Additional Features:


Adjustable Cursor Sizes.

Advanced Bookmark Macros.

Control the Tab Title of Documents.

DocuSign Integration.

Dynamic Shell Extensions.

Dynamic Thumbnail Selection Options.

Type Your Signature.

Use Command Line Options.

Use the Word Count Feature to Review Documents.