Accessibility Checker

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Accessibility Checker


editor.icon Accessibility Checker



Click Accessibility Checker to open the Accessibility Checker pane:



Figure 1. View Tab, Panes Dropdown Menu, Accessibility Checker


The Accessibility Checker pane displays the results of accessibility checks:



Figure 2. Accessibility Checker Pane


PDF-XChange Editor checks thirty-two rules when documents are checked for accessibility, and documents must pass all rules in order to meet accessibility standards. The results of checking these rules are detailed in the Accessibility Checker pane. Right-click failed rules to view options on the action to take for the rule:



Figure 3. Accessibility Checker Pane, Right-Click Options for Failed Rules


Click Fix to fix the document in order to pass the rule. Note that some rules require a manual fix.

Click Skip Rule to omit the rule from the accessibility check.

Click Explain to view an explanation of the rule.

Click Check Again to check the rule again. You can use this option to save time instead of running a full accessibility check after you have performed manual repairs on the document.

Click Show Report to open the Accessibility Report pane and view the accessibility report for the current document.

Click Options to determine options for when the accessibility check runs, as detailed here.