Changing the Layout of Panes

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Changing the Layout of Panes


editor.icon Changing the Layout of Panes



The size and location of all panes in PDF-XChange Editor can be customized as desired.


Editing Panes


The editing panes are listed in the Panes dropdown menu in the View tab:



Figure 1. View Tab, Panes Dropdown Menu


Click to open panes:



Figure 2. Thumbnails and Properties Panes Opened


Click and drag panes to undock them from the user interface, then move them to the desired location or to a new docking point. Available docking points will be displayed as detailed in (figure 3). Drag panes onto docking points to dock them:



Figure 3. Example Docking Points



Figure 4. Repositioned Thumbnails Pane


Note that the minimize/maximize buttons can be used to minimize/maximize panes:



Figure 5. Minimize/Maximize Buttons


Document Panes


Document panes can be edited in the same manner as editing panes. Click and drag document tabs to reposition document panes:

Figure 6. Document Tab Highlighted


Available docking points will be displayed in the center of the user interface:



Figure 7. Document Pane Docking Points


Drag document panes onto docking points in order to open them in a new window above/below or to the left/right of the current pane. Dragging document panes to any other location will open them in a new instance of PDF-XChange Editor.