Customize the Workspace

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Customize the Workspace


editor.icon Customize the Workspace



PDF-XChange Editor features multiple settings that enable the customization of the workspace. See below for instructions on how to:


hmtoggle_arrow1Add/Remove Serial Keys


hmtoggle_arrow1Create Customized Toolbars


hmtoggle_arrow1Customize the UI Appearance


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Applications Available via the Launch Applications Toolbar


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Color Management Settings


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Color Scheme Options


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Comment Options


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Digital Signature Options


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Document Options


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine File Associations


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine File Formats that can be Converted to/from PDF


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Form Settings


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Identity Options for Comments and Digital Signatures


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine JavaScript Options


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Measurement Options


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Memory Usage


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Page Display Options


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Page Layout


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Page Text Options


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Scanner Presets


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Search Provider Settings


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Speech Options for the Read-Out-Loud Feature


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Send Mail Options


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine the Default Tool


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Tab and Window Options


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine the UI Language


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine the Default Document Layout


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Visible Toolbars


hmtoggle_arrow1Display/Hide Guide Lines


hmtoggle_arrow1Display/Hide the Measurement Grid


hmtoggle_arrow1Display/Hide Page Measurement Information


hmtoggle_arrow1Display/Hide Rulers


hmtoggle_arrow1Enable/Disable Plugins


hmtoggle_arrow1Enable Snapping


hmtoggle_arrow1Hide Licensed Features from Toolbars and Menus


hmtoggle_arrow1Reset the Panes Layout of Active Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Reset the Layout of Global Panes


hmtoggle_arrow1Set Attachment Security


hmtoggle_arrow1Show/Hide Editing Panes


hmtoggle_arrow1Set File/Website Open Security


Additionally, further workspace customization options are available via the Keyboard Shortcuts.