Operations Guide

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Operations Guide


editor.icon Operations Guide



This section of the manual details the most important operations and functions in PDF-XChange Editor:


annotations.guide.icon Annotations Guide - a breakdown of operations that relate to annotations, including how to add shapes and comments to documents, attach files, create/edit/clone comment styles, group-edit comments and several further operations associated with comments and annotations.

bookmarks.guide.icon Bookmarks Guide - a breakdown of bookmark operations, including the multiple ways in which bookmarks can be created, edited and utilized.

document.guide.icon Document Operations Guide - a breakdown of document-level operations, including how to create, edit, open, measure and save documents.

panes.guide.icon Editing Panes Guide - a breakdown of how to open and utilize the PDF-XChange Editor editing panes.

forms.guide.icon Forms Guide - a breakdown of operations that relate to the creation and utilization of fillable forms, including how to add/edit barcodes, buttons, check boxes, digital signatures, dropdown menus, list boxes, radio boxes and text fields to documents.

workspace.guide.icon Workspace Guide - a breakdown of operations that relate to the customization and navigation of the workspace.