Document Operations Guide

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Document Operations Guide


editor.icon Document Operations Guide



This section of the manual contains the operations in PDF-XChange Editor that relate to documents: Create Documents - a breakdown of the ways in which it is possible to create PDF documents, including how to create documents from image files, text files, RTF files, the local scanner, and how to create blank documents or create a single document from multiple input files.

edit.documents.icon Edit Documents - a breakdown of the the multiple ways in which it is possible to edit documents, including how to add dynamic features, certify documents, convert documents into various formats, restructure/crop/OCR/delete pages, manipulate base content, set document zoom, insert content, adjust document tabs, sign/validate documents, edit text and measure documents.

open.documents.icon Open Documents - a breakdown of how to open documents located in URLs, Dropbox, SharePoint, Google Drive and the local computer.

misc.document.operations Miscellaneous Document Operations - a breakdown of miscellaneous document operations, including how to add/edit JavaScript, import/export customized settings, work with named destinations and utilize sessions.

save.documents.icon.ribbon Save Documents - a breakdown of the way that documents can be saved, including how to save copies of documents, save multiple documents simultaneously and save documents to specific places such as Dropbox, Google Drive and SharePoint.