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Navigate the Workspace


editor.icon Navigate the Workspace



PDF-XChange Editor features multiple features that enable the navigation of the workspace. See below for instructions on how to:


hmtoggle_arrow1Browse Open Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Enable Autoscroll


hmtoggle_arrow1Navigate Backwards One Step


hmtoggle_arrow1Navigate Forwards One Step


hmtoggle_arrow1Move to Selected Bookmark


hmtoggle_arrow1Move to Selected Destination


hmtoggle_arrow1Move to a Specified Page


hmtoggle_arrow1Move to the First Page of the Document


hmtoggle_arrow1Move to the Last Page of the Document


hmtoggle_arrow1Move to the Next Page of the Document


hmtoggle_arrow1Move to the Previous Page of the Document


hmtoggle_arrow1Rotate the Current View Clockwise


hmtoggle_arrow1Rotate the Current View Counterclockwise


hmtoggle_arrow1Zoom to the Current Selection


Note that the Page Navigation Toolbar can be used to perform many of the operations detailed above:



Figure 1. Page Navigation Toolbar


Additionally, the Thumbnails Pane can be used to navigate and edit document pages.


Right-click document tabs for additional options:

Figure 2. Tab Right-Click Options