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welcome.icon.pdftools Appendix



The following chapters detail additional information relating to the settings and functions within PDF-Tools. They are outlined below:


Available File Filters - further information about file filters and what they mean.

Command Line Options - a list of the available command line options that can be used in conjunction with PDF-Tools.

Crop Margins - a detailed explanation relating to the cropping of margins, including definitions of the various box features involved.

Font Parameters - details relating to font parameters.

Macros - an explanation of what macros are and how they are used.

Ordering Actions in the Tool Actions Sequence - the necessary prerequisites and postrequisites for actions to run in the Tool Actions Sequence.

Pages Range - further details and options that relate to page ranges.

Paper Sizes - further details and options that relate to paper size.

Preferences - customizable options available in PDF-Tools.

Scanner Settings - options that relate to scanner settings.

Settings Synchronization - information about this automatic setting.

Show Setup Dialog While Running - an explanation of this option that is present in most of the actions from the Actions Library.