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Welcome to PDF-Tools - one of the most advanced and customizable software tools available worldwide. This application is a dynamic and user-friendly solution for the creation and manipulation of industry-standard PDF and image files. We have greatly innovated and enhanced our software - PDF-Tools V6 is the most sophisticated version to date. Featuring thirty-two default tools, as well as the option to clone, edit and create fully-customizable tools, it’s the ideal software to compliment your existing PDF facilities. PDF-Tools optimizes the efficiency of your projects and meets highly-specific demands with ease - and it requires no additional plugins or applications.


There are two further PDF-XChange applications included in this bundle:


PDF-XChange Editor – one of the fastest and most feature-rich options available to view, edit, modify and OCR image-based PDF files. See here for the PDF-XChange Editor user manual.


PDF X-Change Lite – our award-winning technology that installs as a virtual printer and can be used to print-to-PDF from all Windows applications. See here for the PDF X-Change Lite user manual.


We offer several further cutting-edge applications for the manipulation of PDF and image files. Further details are available at the PDF-XChange Products Page.


If you have any queries then please Contact Us - we aim to respond to all communication within eight hours - and we are usually much faster. Additionally, the User Forums are an excellent resource for troubleshooting.


This manual is composed of the following sections:


Installation details the installation process, system requirements, installation switch options and licensing details for the software.

Features Overview details the main features of PDF-Tools.

User Interface details the software as it appears via the user interface.

Create Tool details the Create Tool feature, which is used to create custom tools.

Clone Tool details the Clone Tool feature, which is used to clone default tools and adjust their settings.

Actions Library details the actions that the Create Tool feature uses to build tools.

Default Tools details the thirty-two tools included in the application.

Appendix details additional information that relates to the software.

PDF-XChange Editor V6 User Manual is a comprehensive guide to PDF-XChange Editor, the PDF editing software that is included with this product.

PDF-XChange Lite V6 User Manual is a comprehensive guide to PDF-XChange Lite, the virtual printer that is included with this product.


A PDF version of this manual is available here.



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