Available File Filters

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Available File Filters


welcome.icon.pdftools Available File Filters



This dialog box determines permitted file formats in specific operations of PDF-Tools:



Figure 1. Available File Filters Dialog Box


All Supported Files supports all compatible file formats.

All Supported Images supports all compatible raster and vectorial image formats.

All Supported Raster Images supports all compatible raster images.

All Supported Vectorial Images supports all compatible vector images.

PDF Documents are documents saved in the industry-standard portable document format.

XPS Documents are documents saved in the (*.xps) and (*.oxps) paper specification formats.

BMP files are files used to store bitmap digital images.

GIF files are raster graphic files that are usually animated.

ICO files are image files formatted for use as icons in Microsoft Windows.

JBIG is a lossless image-compression standard that fax machines use.

JBIG2 is an image-compression standard for bi-level images that is suited for both lossless and lossy compression.

PBM is a portable bitmap image format used and defined by the Netbpm Project.

PGM is the grayscale version of PBM.

PPM is the pixmap images version of PBM.

TGA is a raster graphics file format.

PCX is an image file format and the native file format of PC Paintbrush.

DCX is a file extension for a bitmap/raster graphics file format that Multipage PCX uses.

PNG format is a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression.

JPEG format is used for photographs and other image files where the file size is necessarily small.

JPEG 2000 format is an image compression standard and coding system with several improvements from the original JPEG format.

TIFF is a common format for exchanging raster graphics between application programs.

Metafiles (*.emf;*.wmf;*.apm) are portable image formats that can contain both vector graphics and bitmap components.

Rich Text Format (*.rtf) is a proprietary document file format.

MS Word Document format is the standard format for Microsoft Word.

MS Excel Spreadsheet formats is the standard format for Microsoft Excel.

MS Power Point Presentation is the standard format for Microsoft Power Point.

MS Visio Drawing is the standard format for Microsoft Visio.

Plain Text format displays data in files that represent only readable characters.


Select the boxes of the desired formats and click OK to save settings.