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Editor-Icon Bookmarks



When the Bookmarks tab is selected, the following options are available:

Figure 1. Bookmarks Tab Submenu


The options in this submenu relate to bookmarks and bookmark functionality:


Generate Bookmarks from Page Text

Bookmark Every Nth Page

Generate Bookmarks from Table of Contents

Generate Bookmarks from Text File

Add Text to Bookmark Titles

Change Bookmark Case

Change Bookmarks Zoom Factor

Convert Named Destinations to Regular Destinations

Find and Replace Bookmark Text

Remove Actions from Actions List

Sort Bookmarks

Validate Bookmarks

Merge Duplicate Bookmarks

Build Table of Contents

Create Links from Bookmarks

Sort Pages by Bookmarks

Convert to Named Destinations

Export Bookmarks to HTML

Export Bookmarks to Text File


Note that several of the keyboard shortcuts relate to bookmarks. See here for a comprehensive list of available keyboard shortcuts.