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Build Table of Contents


Editor-Icon Build Table of Contents



Click Build Table of Contents to create a table of contents from the current document bookmarks:



Figure 1. Build Table of Contents Dialog Box


Enter a title for the table of contents in the Title text box.

Click Change Title Format to edit the font and style of the title.

The style for each level in the table of contents is detailed in the pane on the left. The levels correspond to the levels of the bookmark tree. Click Add, Edit or Remove to add, edit or remove levels.

Use the Insert TOC before page number box to set the location of the table of contents, or select the As last page box to insert it at the end of the document.

Select an option button to determine the page size of the table of contents:

Document uses the same page size as the pages of the source document.

Standard contains a list of standard page sizes, such as those used by the ISO and ANSI. Select an option from the list and then select Portrait or Landscape as desired in the dropdown menu on the right.

Custom uses custom page dimensions. Enter the desired dimensions in the number boxes and select a unit of measurement from the dropdown menu.

Use the Page Margins number boxes to determine the page margins used for the table of contents.

Select the Use all bookmark levels to include all bookmark levels in the creation of the table of contents. Alternatively clear the box and use the number boxes to determine the first and last bookmark levels to be included.

Select the Skip invalid bookmarks box to exclude invalid bookmarks from the table of contents.

Select the Remove consecutive spaces from bookmark titles box to rectify instances of consecutive white spaces.

Select an option from the Output page numbers as dropdown menu to determine the format of page numbers in the table of contents:

Original Page Numbers uses the page number of pages.

Page Labels uses the page labels of pages. These labels are detailed in the Thumbnails pane for pages.

Bates Numbers uses the Bates number of pages.

Select an option from the Style menu to determine the style of the table of contents.

Click the arrow in the Settings dropdown menu to save/manage/delete customized settings.


Click Build to create the table of contents.