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Tabs Guide


Editor-Icon Tabs Guide



This section of the manual details the tabs of the Menu Toolbar in PDF-XChange Editor:

Figure 1. Menu Toolbar


There are eleven tabs that each feature different commands and settings. Click the links below to open the associated page of the manual:


File contains file-level operations such as open, close, save and print documents.

Edit contains editing options such as cut, copy, paste and delete selected content.

View contains options that determine what is displayed in the main window such as toolbar shortcuts and editing panes. Document layout options are also available in this tab.

Document contains document editing options such as add/remove watermarks, edit backgrounds, crop pages and digital signature options.

Comments contains options for editing document comments, such as converting comments to base content, importing/exporting comments and creating a comment summary.

Form contains options for managing, highlighting and creating document form fields such as radio buttons, dropdown menus and barcodes.

Tools contains submenus of the PDF-XChange Editor tools, which can be used to manipulate, edit and annotate documents.

Advanced contains options that relate the creation and management of document bookmarks.

SharePoint contains options that relate to files associated with the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

Window contains options that relate to the display of the main window.

Help contains links to software assistance, such as the PDF-XChange main website and user-forum.