Bookmark Every Nth Page

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Bookmark Every Nth Page


Editor-Icon Bookmark Every Nth Page



Click Bookmark Every Nth Page to create bookmarks from pages at intervals of a user-defined value:



Figure 1. Bookmark Every N-th Page Dialog Box


Enter a figure in the number box to determine the interval at which bookmarks are created. For example, if 2 is entered then a bookmark will be created from every second document page.

Enter a value for the Bookmark title template as desired. This value determines the template for bookmark titles. Click the blue icon to add macros. The default value is 'Page %[Page]', which will result in the bookmark titles 'Page 1', 'Page 2', 'Page 3' etc.

The page range options for bookmark generation are as follows:

Select All to include all pages.

Select Selected Pages to include only the pages selected in the Thumbnails pane.

Select Current Page to include only the current page.

Use the Pages box to specify a custom range. Instructions on the specification of page ranges are available here.


Click OK to create bookmarks.