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Editor-Icon Appendix



This section details additional information about settings and functions in PDF-XChange Editor:


Accessibility Check - details the accessibility rules that are checked when documents are assessed for accessibility.

Alt Shortcuts - details how to use Alt shortcuts to navigate the user interface.

Blend Mode - information about the blend modes and how they operate.

Command Line Options - a list of the available command line options, which includes definitions and sample command lines.

Changing the Layout of Panes - an explanation of how to edit the panes in PDF-XChange Editor.

Converting Files to PDF - details the available options for converting a range of file formats to PDF.

Date Format Specification - an explanation of how to specify date formats.

Document Tab Options - an explanation of the options in the right-click document tab shortcut menu.

Editing Document Pages - a breakdown of the methods through which PDF-XChange Editor can be used to edit document pages.

Features Added in Version 9 - details all features added in version 9 of PDF-XChange Editor.

Keyboard Shortcuts - a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts, and instructions on how to view/edit them in the software.

Macros - an explanation macros and macro-enabled operations.

Page Boxes - an explanation about the use of crop boxes in PDF documents and PDF-XChange Editor.

Page Range Settings - a guide to the correct format for the specification of page ranges.

Read Out Loud Feature - an explanation of this feature.

Removing Trial Watermarks - an explanation of how to remove trial watermarks after a license has been purchased.

Shell Extensions - an explanation of the shell extensions and ifilter search tool.

Text Editing Options - an explanation of text-editing options for the PDF-XChange Editor tools.

Tool Content Options - an explanation of editing options for content created with the PDF-XChange Editor tools.

Tool Properties - a table that defines all available properties for the PDF-XChange Editor tools.