Editing Document Pages

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Editing Document Pages


Editor-Icon Editing Document Pages



PDF-XChange Editor features advanced content editing. The options detailed below facilitate the convenient and efficient editing of PDF documents. However, there is an important distinction to make when using PDF-XChange Editor to edit PDF documents. This is because documents are composed of two layers. The first layer consists of PDF content such as text and/or images. The second layer, which by default goes over the first, consists of comments and annotations added to documents. These layers exist and operate independently of each other. This means that editing commands applied to PDF content or comments and annotations will apply only in relation to the layer in which selected items are located. When comments and annotations are flattened they are moved to the content layer and can then be edited at the same time as other content. The menu detailed here can be used to flatten comments.


The following page-editing tools are available in PDF-XChange Editor:


The Edit Content Tool is used to select/edit document content such as images and text.

The Add Tool is used to add text, images and barcodes to documents.

The Edit Form Tool is used to select/edit form fields.

The Select Comments Tool is used to select/edit comments and annotations.

The Content pane is used to to view/edit page content.