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Editor-Icon Content



Click Content to open the Content pane:



Figure 1. View Tab Submenu, Other Panes, Content


The Content pane displays a list of the document pages and the base content that they contain:

Figure 2. Content Pane


Click items in the Content pane to select them in the active document. They can then be edited as detailed here. Use the icons in the Content pane to perform the following operations:


Click content.collapse.shot Collapse All to collapse all items in the Content pane.

Click bring.content.forward.v7 Bring Forward to bring selected content forward in cases where multiple content items overlap.

Click send.content.backward Send Backward to send selected content backward in cases where multiple content items overlap.

Click delete.content.v7 Delete to delete selected content.

Click Properties to view/edit the properties of selected content. The Page Content Properties pane will open. This pane details the status of properties for selected content:

Figure 3. Page Content Properties Pane


Click to edit properties as desired. Please note that not all properties are editable. The following properties are available for content items:


Layer determines the optional content layer to which document content belongs. Further information about layers is available here.

Fill Color displays the fill color.

Opacity displays the level of transparency.

Stroke Color displays the border color.

Stroke Opacity displays the border transparency level.

Border Width displays the border width.

Line Cap displays the shape used at the start and endcaps for open stroked paths or the caps at both ends of dashes in stroked paths.

Line Join displays the shape used at joints between connected segments of stroked paths.

Blend Mode displays the blend mode when items overlap. Further information on blend modes is available here.

Width displays the width of images.

Height displays the height of images.

Type displays the format of images.

BPC displays the color depth.

Color Space displays the color model.

Mask Type displays the mask type.

Object Number displays the object number of selected content items.

Font displays the font.

Font Size displays font size.

Bold displays the bold status.

Italic displays the italic status.

Transparency Group displays the transparency group value for XForms.


Click signautres.options.v7 Options for content item options:

Figure 4. Content Options


Click Cut, Copy, Paste or Delete to perform these operations on selected content items.

Hover over Current Layer to view/edit the layer to which selected content belongs.

Click Show in Tags Panel to view selected content in the Tags pane in cases where the content has been tagged.

Hover over Select to view selection options:

Click All to select all content items.

Click Text to select all textual content items.

Click Images to select all image items.

Click Shapes to select all shape items.

Click XForms to select all XForms items.

Note that editing options such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete - and changes made to properties in the Page Content Properties pane - will apply to all content selected via the choice made in the Select submenu.

Click Deselect to deselect all selected content items.

Click Select Correspondent Thumbnails to select the corresponding thumbnails of selected content in the Thumbnails pane.

Click Arrange to arrange selected content items, as detailed here.

Click Expand All Descendants to expand all descendant items of selected content items.

Click Collapse All to collapse all items in the Content pane.

Click Automatically Expand Content Items to expand content items in the Content pane automatically when they are selected with content-editing tools in the document.

Click New Stamp from Selection to create a new stamp from selected content, as detailed here.

Click New Document from Selection to create a new document from selected content.

Click Export to export selected content to image format, as detailed here.

Right-click items in the Content pane for additional editing options, as detailed here.