Shell Extensions

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Shell Extensions


Editor-Icon Shell Extensions



PDF-XChange Editor features a Windows shell extension that causes thumbnails of PDF files to display in Windows Explorer when thumbnails are selected as the file display mode. The first page of PDF documents is displayed, instead of the standard PDF document icon, which makes the process of viewing/selecting files more efficient. Note that the folders must set to display medium, large or extra-large icons for the thumbnails to be visible:



Figure 1. Shell Extensions Example




The shell extension feature includes the PDF iFilter, which is a search tool. This tool can be used to index PDF documents with Microsoft iFilter indexing. This means that Windows will locate search terms through not only document names, but also text within documents, annotations, bookmarks, document XMP information and files attached/embedded within documents. This process takes place automatically when the standard Windows search option is used. The PDF iFilter integrates into existing Windows operating systems and thus provides a convenient way to search text within PDF documents on the local computer and company network/intranet, as well as greatly increasing your ability to accurately locate many forms of information contained within your PDF documents.


View/Edit Shell Extension Settings


These settings are detailed on your machine at the following default location:


C:\Program Files\Tracker Software\Shell Extensions


If you want to view/edit shell extension settings, then please go to the folder above and then double-click XCShInfoSetup.exe. The PDF-XChange Shell Extensions Setup dialog box will open:

Figure 2. PDF-XChange Shell Extensions Setup Dialog box


The current handlers are detailed in the dropdown menus. Click the dropdown menus to select alternative handlers as desired, then click Apply to apply changes.