Convert to PDF/A

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Convert to PDF/A


act.doc.convertToPDFA.48 Convert to PDF/A



The Convert to PDF/A tool makes documents compliant with the PDF/A format and saves them to a new file. The PDF/A format is ideal for long-term archiving.


This tool uses four actions from the Actions Library. The sequence of these actions in the Tool Actions Sequence determines the order in which they are performed:


1. act.askForSourceFiles.24 Ask for Source Files - the tool prompts for documents. See here for action parameters.

2. Convert to PDF/A - the documents are converted to PDF/A format. See here for action parameters.

3. act.saveDocs.24 Save Documents - the new documents are saved. See here for action parameters.

4. act.showFiles.24 Show Files - the new documents are displayed. See here for action parameters.


The Clone Tool feature can be used to clone this tool and add/remove actions from the Tool Actions Sequence.