MSOffice Toolbar Add-in

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MSOffice Toolbar Add-in


Main-Image MSOffice Toolbar Add-in


The MSOffice Toolbar Add-in installs automatically in PDF-XChange Standard and displays subsequently in MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint toolbars:



Figure 1. MSOffice Toolbar Add-in Options. PDF-XChange V6 Tab Highlighted


Click Convert to PDF to use PDF-XChange Standard to convert the active document to PDF format.

Click Create PDF & Email to convert the active document to PDF format and email it via the settings determined in e-Mail settings.

Click Edit Settings to open the PDF-XChange Standard settings window in order to adjust the program settings. Additional settings are available when this tab is opened from Word, Excel or Powerpoint. See here for further information.

Click Save Profile As to save current settings for subsequent use. Saved profiles are available in the Profiles dropdown menu, which is located immediately above the Save Profile As option.

Click Manage Profiles to manage existing profiles.