Application-Specific Options

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Application-Specific Options


Main-Image Application-Specific Options



Application-Specific options are available when the MS Office Toolbar Add-in is used to access settings. The application-specific tab is on the immediate right of the Links tab. The options for Excel are displayed below:



Figure 1. PDF-XChange V6 Options Dialog Box. Excel Options Selected


Click Print active sheet to print the current sheet.

Click Print entire workbook to print the current workbook.

Click Print selected sheets to print selected sheets.




There are two application-specific options for Powerpoint:


Click Place each slide as bookmark to create a bookmark from each slide in the project.

Click Convert slide transition to convert the transition of slides in printed files.




There are two application-specific options for Word:


Click Convert Web Forms to convert web forms in printed files.

Click Convert Revision Markups to convert revision markups in printed files.


Click OK to save changes.