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The e-Mail Settings are used to email documents from PDF-XChange Standard:



Figure 1. Email Settings Dialog Box


Select the Send Created Document as e-Mail Attachment box to enable further options:

Use the Method dropdown menu to determine the manner in which emails are sent:

Launch Default Email Client launches the default email client on the local computer. The values entered in the e-Mail Properties text boxes are used as the email parameters.

Send Through Default Email sends emails in the same manner as the Launch Default Email Client option but it is not possible to edit parameters before emails are sent.

Send Directly Through SMTP Server uses the SMTP Properties at the bottom of the dialog box to email documents. Use the New, Edit and Remove buttons to create, edit and delete servers through which to email documents.

Use the e-Mail Properties text boxes to determine the parameters used to send emails:

From determines the address from which emails are sent.

To determines the address to which the emails are sent.

Cc and Bcc determine additional recipients.  

Subject determines the subject line of emails.

Content determines the main body of emails.

Select the Send Document in ZIP Archive box to send files in (*.zip) format.


Click Apply to apply changes and OK to save changes.