Protection Tools

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Protection Tools


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The Protection tools are used to add/remove digital signatures, certified signature fields, timestamps and passwords to input documents, as well as to sanitize/redact their content:


apply.redaction.small.icon Apply Redaction removes content that has been marked for redaction from documents.

certify.document.small.icon Certify PDFs adds certified signature fields to input documents. Clear All Digital Signatures removes digital signatures from input documents.

find.and.redact.small.icon Find and Redact searches for specific words or patterns (phone numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, emails or dates) in documents and then either marks them for redaction or redacts them immediately.

sanitize.document.small.icon Sanitize Document removes sensitive information from input documents.

secure.document.small.icon Secure PDF adds password security to input documents. Sign Document uses a certificate-based digital ID to add and sign signature fields in input documents.

add.timestamp.small.icon Timestamp PDFs adds document-level time stamps to input documents.


Note that the Clone Tool and Create Tool features can be used to enhance the functionality of existing tools/create new tools in order to meet complex requirements.