PDF-Tools V9 User Manual

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PDF-Tools V9 User Manual


welcome.icon.pdftools PDF-Tools V9 User Manual



PDF-Tools is a dynamic and user-friendly solution for the creation and manipulation of PDF and image files. It features seventy-six default tools, as well as the option to clone, edit and create fully-customizable tools, which makes it the ideal software to compliment your existing PDF facilities.


This manual is composed of the following sections:


Features Overview details the main features of PDF-Tools.

User Interface details the software as it appears via the user interface.

Create Tool details the Create Tool feature, which is used to create custom tools.

Clone Tool details the Clone Tool feature, which is used to clone default tools and adjust their settings.

Actions Library details the actions that the Create Tool feature uses to build tools.

Default Tools details the seventy-six tools included in the application.

Appendix details additional information that relates to the software.



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