Features Overview

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Features Overview


welcome.icon.pdftools Features Overview



The main features of PDF-Tools are as follows:


The seventy-six Default Tools, which are used to edit, enhance and manipulate documents. These tools are listed below.

The Clone Tool feature, which can be used to clone and customize the Default Tools.

The Create Tool feature, which can be used to build new tools. There are eighty-six actions in the Actions Library that can be combined as desired to create tools.

The Folder Monitors can be used to set up folder-monitoring and automatically perform tool operations on files that are moved into designated folders.

The Import/Export tool features can be used to import/export customized tool settings and custom tools.

The Tool Report pane can be used to view a breakdown of operations when tools run.


Note that source files to be used in conjunction with tools can be located on the local computer or scanned directly into the application from the scanner. A list of supported file types is available here.


Default Tools


There are seventy-six default tools in PDF-Tools. These tools enable the simple and effective manipulation of PDF/image files. They are grouped into eleven categories:


Create PDF Tools


These tools create PDF documents:


convert.to.pdf Convert Files to PDFs converts input files to PDF.

create.pdf.from.images Create PDF from Images converts images to PDF.

create.pdf.from.text.2 Create PDF from Text converts text files to PDF.

create.portfolio.small.imagepng Create PDF Portfolio creates PDF portfolio files.

extract.pages Extract Pages extracts specified page ranges from documents are converts them to a new PDF document.

scan.to.pdf.2 Scan to PDF converts scanned content into PDF documents.

split.merge.pdf.2 Split/Merge PDFs splits documents into separate PDF documents or combines documents into a single PDF document.


Pages Tools


These tools edit the pages of PDF documents:


add.bates.numbering.2 Add Bates Numbering inserts Bates numbering into documents.

add.header.footer.2 Add Header and Footer inserts headers and/or footers.

add.watermark.2 Add Watermark adds text/image watermarks to documents.

crop.pages.2 Crop Pages adjusts the visible page area/margins/editing boxes.

DELETE.PAGES.2 Delete Pages deletes document pages.

duplicate.pages.2 Duplicate Pages duplicates document pages.

insert.empty.2 Insert Empty Pages inserts empty pages into documents.

import.as.overlay.small.shot Import as Layer Overlay uses an existing file to overlay documents.

insert.pages.2 Insert Pages inserts pages from input documents into a specified document.

merge.pages.2 Merge Pages merges pages into a single page.

ocr.pages.2 OCR Pages performs optical character recognition on documents.

overlay.pdf.2 Overlay PDF overlays PDF documents with other documents.

rasterize.pages.small.image Rasterize Pages rasterizes the pages of input documents.

remove.bates.2 Remove Bates Numbering removes Bates numbering from documents.

remove.headers.2 Remove Headers and Footers removes headers and footers from documents.

remove.background Remove Pages Background resets page backgrounds to their default state.

remove.watermarks.2 Remove Watermarks removes watermarks from documents.

replace.pages.2 Replace Pages replaces document pages with pages from another document.

resize.pages.2 Resize Pages adjusts the size of pages, and scales page content as desired.

rotate.pages.2 Rotate Pages rotates document pages.

set.page.transitions.2 Set Page Transitions determines how transitions are made between pages in full screen mode.

set.pages.background Set Pages Background adds backgrounds to documents.

split.pages.2. Split Pages splits documents pages.


Links Tools


These tools are used to create/delete links:


create.weblinks.2 Create Weblinks creates weblinks from document text.

delete.links Delete Links deletes links from documents.

delete.weblinks Delete Weblinks deletes weblinks from documents.


Forms Tools


These tools are used to delete, export, import and/or reset form fields:


delete.form.fields Delete Form Fields deletes form fields from documents.

export.form.data Export Form Data exports form data from documents.

import.form Import Form Data imports form data from file.

reset.forms Reset Forms removes all form data from documents.


Comments Tools


These tools create/delete/manipulate comments in PDF documents:


delete.all.comments Delete All Comments deletes all comments from documents.

delete.markups Delete Markup Annotations deletes markup annotations from documents.

export.comments Export Comments exports document comments to file.

flatten.comments Flatten Comments and Fields converts comments and forms into base content items.

import.comments Import Comments imports comments into documents.

summarize.comments.v7manual Summarize Comments creates a summary of document comments.


Bookmarks Tools


These tools convert, export/import or generate bookmarks in PDF documents:


build.table Build Table of Contents uses document bookmarks to create tables of contents.

export.bookmarks.v7manual Export Bookmarks exports a copy of document bookmarks.

export.bookmarks.to.text Export Bookmarks to Text File exports a copy of document bookmarks to a text file.

generate.bookmarks Generate Bookmarks from Page Text creates bookmarks from document text.

find.and.replace.medium.icon Find and Replace Bookmark Text finds and replaces text in bookmark titles.

import.bookmarks Import Bookmarks imports bookmarks into documents.

import.bookmarks.2 Import Bookmarks from Text File imports bookmarks into documents from text files.


Protection Tools


These tools protect and enhance the security of PDF documents:


apply.redaction.medium.icon Apply Redaction removes content that has been marked for redaction from documents.

certify.pdf.tool Certify PDFs adds certified digital signatures to documents.

clear.signatures Clear All Digital Signatures removes digital signatures from documents.

find.and.redact.medium.icon Find and Redact searches for specific words or patterns and then either marks them for redaction or redacts them immediately.

sanitize.document.medium.icon Sanitize Document removes sensitive information from input documents.

secure.tool Secure PDF adds passwords to documents.

add.digital Sign Document adds digital signatures to documents.

timestamp.tool Timestamp PDFs adds timestamps to documents.


Optimize PDF Tools


These tools enhance and optimize PDF documents:


enhance.scanned Enhance Scanned Pages enhances the image quality in scanned documents.

optimize.documents Optimize PDF optimizes the content of PDF files in order to reduce their size.

recompress.images.small.image Recompress Images recompresses document images.


PDF Standard Tools


These tools add/remove compliance with PDF standards:


convert.to.pdfa.format Convert to PDF/A makes PDF documents compliant with the PDF/A standard, which is used for long-term archiving.

convert.to.pdfx.format Convert to PDF/X makes PDF documents compliant with the PDF/X standard, which facilitates graphics exchange.

discard.special.elements Discard Special PDF-Standard discards components of documents that comply with PDF standards such as PDF/A, PDF/X and PDF/E.


Export PDF Tools


These tools export a copy of PDF documents and/or images to alternative formats:


pdf.to.audio.image Export PDF to Audio exports a copy text in PDF documents to audio file format.

export.to.images.v7manual Export PDF to Images exports a copy of document pages to image format.

export.to.spreadsheet Export PDF to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet exports a copy of document pages to MS Excel format.

export.to.ms.powerpoint Export PDF to Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation exports a copy of document pages to MS PowerPoint format.

export.to.me.word Export PDF to Microsoft Word Document exports a copy of document pages to MS Word format. Note that files exported to (*.docx) format are compatible with MS Word 2010 and later.

export.to.plaintext Export PDF to Plain Text exports a copy of PDF documents to plain text (*.txt) format.

extract.images.from.document Extract Images from PDF extracts a copy of images from PDF documents to a new file.


Advanced Tools


These tools perform advanced operations:


change.document.properties.icon Change Document Properties edits document metadata such as the Title, Author, Subject and Keywords.

convert.colors Convert Colors converts the colors of input documents.

extract.attachments.medium.icon Extract Attachments extracts attachments from documents:

print.document.2 Print Document prints input documents.

email.document.icon Send E-mail sends documents via email.