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Default Tools


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There are seventy-six Default Tools in PDF-Tools. They are grouped into eleven categories: The Create PDF tools are used to create PDF documents.

add.bates.numbering.small.icon The Pages tools are used to edit and enhance document pages.

create.weblinks.small.icon The Links tools are used to create/delete links and weblinks. The Forms tools are used to import/export or delete forms and form data.

export.comments.small.icon The Comments tools are used to import/export, remove, summarize and flatten comments.

build.table.of.contents.small.icon The Bookmarks tools are used to create, import, export and build tables of contents from bookmarks. The Protection tools are used to add (or clear) digital signature fields, password protection and timestamps to documents.

enhance.scanned.pages.small.icon The Optimize tools are used to enhance scanned pages and optimize the size of documents. The PDF Standard tools convert PDF documents to/from PDF subsets such as PDF/A and PDF/X. The Export PDF tools convert PDF documents to different formats, such as MS Office and image formats.

change.document.proeprties.small.icon The Advanced tools are used to change document properties and print or email documents.


Note that the Clone Tool or Create Tool features can be used to edit and enhance the functionality of tools in order to meet complex requirements.