Signatures and Initials

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Signatures and Initials


Editor-Icon Signatures and Initials



Hover over Signatures and Initials to view customized (non-digital) signatures/initials and manage, apply or cancel current signatures/initials:



Figure 1. Document Tab Submenu, Signatures and Initials


Available signatures are displayed at the top of the submenu. Click to select signatures and then add them at the desired location. They can then be resized and/or repositioned as detailed here.

Click Manage to manage signatures. The dialog box detailed in (figure 2) will open.

Click Apply All Signatures to apply all placed signatures to the document. This process converts signatures from editable objects into base content of documents.

Click Cancel All Signatures to remove signatures that have been placed in documents. (This action will not remove signatures that have been applied. The Undo action can be used to remove applied signatures).



Figure 2. Manage Signatures and Initials Dialog Box


Click Add to add new signatures/initials to the list of available options, then click Import from File or Draw Signature as desired.

Click Edit to edit selected signatures. The Edit Signatures/Initials Information dialog box will open. Update the signature name/password as desired then click OK.

Click Remove to remove selected signatures, or Remove All to remove all signatures.