Sequential Number

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Sequential Number


Editor-Icon Sequential Number



The Sequential Number macro inserts the sequential number of bookmarks, which is the sequential value of each bookmark in the context of the entire bookmarks tree.


The syntax for this macro is %[SeqNum]




Follow the steps below to use the Sequential Number macro to insert the sequential number of bookmarks when adding text to bookmark titles:


1. Open a document that contains bookmarks in PDF-XChange Editor.


2. Click the Bookmarks tab, then click Add Text to Bookmark Titles. The Add Text to Bookmark Titles dialog box will open.


3. Enter %[SeqNum] in the Add Suffix text box:



Figure 1. %[SeqNum] Macro Example


4. Click OK. The sequential number of each bookmark will then be added as a suffix to all bookmark titles:



Figure 2. %[SeqNum] Macro Example Output