Split/Merge Documents

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Split/Merge Documents


act.splitMergeDocs.48 Split/Merge Documents



The Split/Merge Documents action creates multiple PDF documents from a single file or combines multiple PDF documents into a single file. The following options are available when it is placed in the Tool Actions Sequence:



Figure 1. Split/Merge Documents Options


The Method options determine the manner in which pages are split/merged:

All pages to One document merges all pages into a single document.

Every N pages in Separate document splits multiple page documents into separate documents of n pages. Enter a value for n in the adjacent menu. For example, if a document of nine pages is selected and the value of n is three then three documents of three pages will be created from pages 1-3, 4-6 and 7-9.

Keep input documents as is retains the original document format.

Split by top bookmarks uses top-level bookmarks to split documents.

The Actions with Objects options determine actions for objects when documents are split/merged:

The options for Form Fields and Comments are Copy, Flatten and Do Not Copy.

The options for Bookmarks are Do Not Copy, Copy All and Copy Related.

Select the Add root bookmark with filename box to add original filenames to bookmarks of merged documents.


Click OK to save changes. Then, in the Edit Tools window:


Click cmd.save.24 Save Changes to save new settings.

Click cmd.close.24 Close Edit to end the current edit and revert to previous settings.