Export PDF to Images

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Export PDF to Images


act.doc.exportToImages.48 Export PDF to Images



The Export PDF to Images action exports PDF documents and converts them into raster images. The following options are available when it is placed in the Tool Actions Sequence:



Figure 1. Export PDF to Images Options


Show setup dialog while running is explained here.

Click All Options to determine further options:



Figure 2. Export to Images Dialog Box


The Pages Range options are explained here.

The Graphics options determine settings for exported graphics:

Page Zoom determines the level of zoom used.

Page Background determines the background color.

Horz. Resolution and Vert. Resolution determine the resolution.


The Export Settings menu is used to save custom settings:


Click Save Icon2 to save current settings.

Click Delete Icon2 to delete the custom settings currently selected.

Click Manage Icon to manage settings that have been saved previously.


Click OK to save changes. Then, in the Edit Tools window:


Click cmd.save.24 Save Changes to save new settings.

Click cmd.close.24 Close Edit to end the current edit and revert to previous settings.