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Create PDF Tools


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The Create PDF tools create PDF files:


act.filesToPDF.24 Convert Files to PDFs converts files to PDF and saves them to a new file.

act.imagesToPDF.24 Create PDF from Images creates PDF files from raster images saves them to a new file.

act.textToPDF.24 Create PDF from Text creates PDF files from text files saves them to a new file.

act.doc.extractPages.24 Extract Pages extracts specified PDF pages and saves them to a new file.

cmd.addFromScanner.24 Scan to PDF uses the local scanner to create PDF files and saves them to a new file.

act.splitMergeDocs.24 Split/Merge PDFs splits single PDF documents into multiple files or merges multiple PDF documents into a single file. See here for action parameters.


Please note that these tools are geared towards PDF documents but they are compatible with most industry-standard formats. Additionally, the Clone Tool or Create Tool features can be used to combine the functionality of tools in order to meet complex requirements.