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Main-Image Paper



The Paper settings determine the size, orientation, margin, scaling factor, layout and printing order of pages, and the DPI resolution of images. Please note that some programs, such as Microsoft Word, override the properties determined in the Paper settings. This is because they use values determined within their own parameters and give those values priority over the options in PDF-XChange Standard.


Click Paper in the menu on the left side of the main window to customize the Paper Settings:



Figure 1. Paper Settings Dialog Box


Page Size


Standard features industry-standard standardized sizes, and also includes custom profiles that the Custom Forms feature has been used to create.

Custom enables custom dimensions (to a maximum of two hundred inches). Use the number boxes to determine document dimensions. Use the dropdown list to determine the units of measurement.

Margins adjusts the size of document margins.


Please note that AutoCAD may present issues when printing, especially when it plots to virtual print drivers such as PDF-XChange Standard. If problems arise, especially in regard to portions of output exceeding the defined margin/page limits, we recommend setting a margin of at least 3.2mm.




Resolution is measured in DPI (dots per inch). Use the Resolution number boxes to determine DPI. (Note that increasing DPI may decrease or increase the file size, depending on the content being printed. If the content is predominantly drawings (lines, curves, filled regions) or text, then increasing DPI may decrease the final file size - especially in the case of text. However, if the content is predominantly image-based, then increasing DPI will increase the file size in most cases).

Scaling determines the size of converted documents in relation to original content.

Orientation sets Portrait or Landscape as the page orientation.


Page Layout


Standard layout features one page per PDF page. See here for further options.

Booklet layout features adjacent pages and is used for booklets and similar documents. See here for further options.

Multiple Pages Per Sheet features multiple document pages per PDF page. Select a value to view the layout in the preview window. See here for further options.


Sheet Size


Auto sets sheet size automatically.

Custom enables custom dimensions.

The remaining options are industry-standard dimensions.


Advanced Printing Options


Select Mirror by X Axis to print a mirror version of the document that is reversed on the horizontal axis.

Select Mirror by X Axis to print a mirror version of the document that is reversed on the vertical axis.


Click OK to save changes.