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Editor-Icon Toolbars



Hover over Toolbars to determine toolbar settings:



Figure 1. View Tab Submenu, Toolbars Options


The toolbars in PDF-XChange Editor provide a convenient way to access the features and functions of the application:


Select/clear the boxes detailed in (figure 1) to show/hide the respective toolbars.

Click Lock All Toolbars to lock all toolbars, which disables their customization.

Click Lock All Tool-panes to lock all tool-panes, which disables their toggling/resizing.

Click Customize Toolbars to customize toolbars. These options are explained here.

Press F8 to show/hide all toolbars.

Note that there are two icons on the left of each toolbar:



Figure 2. Toolbar Icons


Click the arrow icon to expand/collapse toolbars.

Hover the pointer over the dotted area above the arrow icon to reposition toolbars. The pointer will change to a four-way arrow. Click and drag to detach and move toolbars. (Please note that the Document Toolbars, located on the lower section of the main window, have fewer repositioning options than the other toolbars).

If toolbars are dragged over specific areas in the PDF-XChange workspace then the icon beneath the pointer will change. This indicates that the toolbar can be docked to the interface. For example in (figure 3) the View Toolbar has been docked to the lower part of the workspace:



Figure 3. PDF-XChange Editor Main Window, View Toolbar Repositioned