Loupe Tool

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Loupe Tool


Editor-Icon Loupe Tool



Click Loupe Tool to enable this tool:



Figure 1. Tools Tab Submenu, Loupe Tool


The Loupe Tool is used to assist in the editing of PDF documents and to examine documents in closer detail. When the Loupe Tool is enabled, a customizable bounding box is displayed in the current document. The content of this box determines the content of the Loupe window:



Figure 2. Active Loupe Tool


Adjust the size of the Loupe window to determine the proportions of the Loupe box.

Use the zoom number box in the Loupe window toolbar, or the plus and minus icons, to determine the level of zoom displayed in the window.

Click the camera icon in the loupe window toolbar to take a snapshot of the current view. A bitmap copy of the selection will be pasted to the clipboard.

Click the track mouse icon in the loupe window toolbar to enable/disable the Track Mouse feature. When this feature is enabled the Loupe Tool will follow the pointer. Disable this feature to adjust the size of the Loupe box as a standard content item.

Click the Show Page Boxes icon to show/hide page boxes. Page boxes determine the content and appearance of PDF documents, especially with regards to printing. Further information on page boxes is available here.

Click and drag the loupe window to reposition it on the screen. When the mouse button is clicked, four icons will appear in the center of the borders of the main window. Move the pointer onto these icons and release the mouse button to dock the loupe window.


When the Loupe Tool is in use, there are two options are available in the Properties Toolbar:


Exclusive Mode simplifies the process of using the Loupe Tool. When Exclusive Mode is enabled, the pointer ignores all interactive elements of documents other than base content. This makes it possible to select areas without the risk of accidentally selecting undesired items. When Exclusive Mode is disabled, the pointer recognizes and interacts with all underlying elements in the usual manner.

Properties opens the Properties window to view/edit the properties for the Loupe Tool. Further information on tool properties is available here.