From Rich Text Format (RTF) Files

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From Rich Text Format (RTF) Files


Editor-Icon From Rich Text Format (RTF) Files



Click From Rich Text Format (RTF) Files to convert RTF files into PDF format:

Figure 1. File Tab Submenu, New Document Options, From Rich Text Format File


The Convert RTF Files to PDF dialog box will open:



Figure 2. Convert RTF Files to PDF


The options are the same as those outlined in the Combine Files into a Single PDF section with the differences that files must be in (*.rtf) format and the parameters are different when the Options button is selected:

Figure 3. Convert RTF files to PDF Options


Relative path is the only option in the categories menu. There are four relative path options:


Keep existing means relative paths remain as they are.

Make absolute makes the relative paths absolute.

Make relative makes the relative paths relative. (Absolute paths show the full name of the file/internet address in question. Relative paths are shorter and link to more specific locations).

Select the Replace relative documents extensions box to create a PDF document from linked RTF files.


Click OK to save settings.