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From Markdown


Editor-Icon From Markdown



Click From Markdown to convert Markdown files into PDF format:

Figure 1. New Document Submenu, From Markdown


The Convert Markdown to PDF dialog box will open:



Figure 2. Convert Markdown to PDF Dialog Box


Click Add Files to add markdown files to the list of source files.

Click Add Folder to add folders to the list of source files.

The Options button in the lower-left corner provides further options for new pages. Click it to open the following dialog box:

Figure 3. New Page Options Dialog Box


The Standard option centers the original files in a new PDF of standard size. 'Standard' refers to common sizes such as those used by the ISO and ANSI.

The Custom option allows the user to enter custom dimensions.

The Orientation option has the settings Portrait or Landscape as the page orientation.

The Page Rotation option rotates files when they are converted.

The Margins options facilitate the customization of the file margins. Enter the values desired into the number boxes. The converted file will feature these dimensions.

Use the Path text box to enter a preset style. Click the Browse button to select a Markdown style. Click the Edit button to edit an existing style.


Click OK to save settings.