Execute a Command

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Execute a Command


Editor-Icon Execute a Command



This action executes a command when links are clicked:



Figure 1. Edit Action List Dialog Box, Execute a Command


When it is selected the following dialog box will open:



Figure 2. Add Action: "Execute a Command" Dialog Box


Click the dropdown arrow for a list of available commands. Select commands and then click OK to add them to the link. Note that multiple commands can be added as desired. The following commands are available:


AcroForm:Form Data_Export Data - exports form data to file.

AcroForm:Form Data_Import Data - imports form data from a file.

AcroSendMail:SendMail - emails a copy of the document to a recipient.

ActualSize - sets the zoom level of the document to 100% and shows document pages at their actual size.

AddFileAttachment - adds an attachment to the document.

Annots:Tool:InkMenuItem - enables the Pencil Tool for creating freehand annotations.

AutoScroll - enables the autoscroll, which scrolls through documents automatically.

COMP:AddBackground - adds a background to the document.

COMP:HeadFoot - adds headers and footers to the document.

COMP:AddWatermark - adds a watermark to the document.

Clear - deletes the current selection.

Close - closes the document.

Copy - copies the current selection to the clipboard.

CopyFileToClipboard - copies the name and path of the current document to the clipboard.

CropPages - redefines the visible area of the document, and removes content outside of the cropped area as desired.

Cut - cuts the current selection from the document and copies it to the clipboard.

DIGSIG:CertifyInvisible - certifies the document without adding a visible signature.

DIGSIG:ClearAll - clears all digital signatures in the document.

DIGSIG:NextSigPullRight - signs existing/creates and signs a new signature field.

DIGSIG:SaveAndAuthenticateTask - certifies the document and adds a visible signature.

DIGSIG:ValidateAll - validates all digital signatures in the document.

DeleteEmptyPages - deletes empty pages from the document.

DeletePages - deletes pages from the document.

Editor:New - creates a new document.

ExtractPages - extracts pages from the current document to other documents.

Find - finds user-specified text in the current document.

FindCurrentBookmark - expands all parent bookmarks to ensure the visibility of corresponding bookmarks.

FindSearch - opens the advanced search pane.

FirstPage - moves to the first page of the document.

FitHeight - sets the zoom level so the height of the page fits the document window.

FitPage - sets the zoom level so the page fits the document window.

FitVisible - sets the zoom level so the page content fits the document window.

FitWidth - sets the zoom so the width of the page matches the width of the document window.

FullScreen - displays the document in full screen mode.

GeneralInfo - displays the properties of the document.

GeneralPrefs - displays the Preferences dialog box.

GoBack - navigates one step backward in the document.

GoBackDoc - navigates to the previous document.

GoForward - navigates one step forwards in the document.

GoForwardDoc - navigates to the next document.

GoToPage - navigates to a specific page of the document.

HandMenuItem - enables the Hand Tool for document navigation.

InsertPages - inserts pages from a different document into the current document.

LastPage - navigates to the last page of the document.

LoupeMenuItem - launches the Loupe Tool to assist in viewing/editing documents.

NewBookmark - creates a new bookmark that points to the current page.

NextPage - navigates to the next page of the document.

OneColumn - sets the viewing mode to display a single page continuously.

Open - opens a document.

PanAndZoomMenuItem - shows/hides the Pan and Zoom pane.

Paste - pastes the current clipboard content into the document.

PrevPage - navigates to the previous page of the document.

Print - prints the current document.

Property Toolbar - show the properties of selected objects.

Quit - exits PDF-XChange Editor (and will prompt to save any unsaved changes in the current document).

Redo - redoes the last operation that was undone.

ReplacePages - replaces pages in the current document with pages from a different document.

Revert - reverts the current document to its original state.

RotateCCW - rotates the current view counter-clockwise.

RotateCW - rotates the current view clockwise.

RotatePages - rotates pages in the current document.

RotatePagesCCW - rotates selected pages ninety degrees counter-clockwise.

RotatePagesCW - rotates selected pages ninety degrees clockwise.

RotatePagesCW180 - rotates selected pages one hundred and eighty degrees.

Save - saves the current document.

SaveAs - saves the current document with a new name/location.

Scan - creates a new document using custom scan options.

Scan:Create - inserts new pages into the current document from scanned image files.

SelectAll - selects all items.

ShowCoverPage - displays the first page of documents separately when two-page viewing modes are enabled.

ShowGaps - enables/disables the display of a gap between document pages.

ShowGrid - enables the grid in order to assist with object placement in documents.

ShowGuides - enables the guide line feature in order to assist with lining up objects in documents such as annotations.

ShowHideAnnotManager - shows/hides the Comments pane to view/edit document comments.

ShowHideArticles - shows/hides the Articles pane.

ShowHideBookmarks - shows/hides the Bookmarks pane, to view/edit document bookmarks.

ShowHideContentPanel - shows/hides the Content pane, to view/edit document content.

ShowHideDestinations - shows/hides the Named Destinations pane, to view/edit named destinations.

ShowHideFileAttachment - shows/hides the Attachments pane, to view/edit attachments in the document.

ShowHideLinks - shows/hides the Links pane, to view/edit links in the document.

ShowHideOptCont - shows/hides the Layers pane, to view/edit optional content layers in the document.

ShowHideSignatures - shows/hides the Signatures pane, to view/edit signatures in the document.

ShowHideThumbnails - shows/hides the Thumbnails pane, to view/edit thumbnails in the document.

ShowRulers - shows/hides the rulers in order to assist in measuring document objects.

SinglePage - toggles the single-page mode and displays document pages one at a time.

SnapToGrid - enables the snap to grid setting, which means that document content will align to the grid when it is moved manually.

TwoColumns - sets the viewing mode to display two pages continuously.

TwoPages - sets the page-viewing mode to display two pages side-by-side.

Undo - undoes the most recent action.

ZoomTo - sets a custom zoom level for the document.

ZoomViewIn - zooms in on the page.

ZoomViewOut - zooms out from the page.