Duplicate Pages

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Duplicate Pages


editor.icon Duplicate Pages



Click Duplicate Pages to duplicate document pages and insert them at a specified location in the current document:



Figure 1. Organize Tab, Duplicate Pages


The Duplicate Pages dialog box will open:



Figure 2. Duplicate Pages Dialog Box


Use the Page Range settings to determine which pages are duplicated:


Select All to specify all pages.

Select Selected Pages to specify the pages selected in the Thumbnails pane.

Select Pages to specify a custom page range. Further information on defining page ranges is available here. Use the Subset dropdown menu to specify a subset of page ranges. Select All Pages, Odd Pages Only or Even Pages Only as desired.


Use the Destination settings to determine the insertion location of duplicated pages:


Select either Before or After in the Location dropdown menu.

Select First Page or Last Page as desired. Alternatively, select Page to specify a different document page.

Use the Number of copies dropdown menu to determine the amount of duplicates created.


Click OK to duplicate pages.