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DAPI_ICON_ Introduction



The PDF-XChange Drivers API is an excellent choice for developers who want to add PDF-creation capability to their applications and/or manage the output-to-PDF of third party applications such as MS Office, AutoCAD and Internet Explorer. This is made possible via a set of 32/64-bit virtual print drivers that create amongst the smallest and most reliable PDF facsimiles available worldwide.


Additional developer kits are available from PDF-XChange to create, view, edit and manipulate PDF documents, including:


The PDF-XChange Core API SDK, which provides developers with libraries and API for the creation and manipulation of fully-native, industry standard PDF files.

The PDF-XChange Editor SDK, which enables the incorporation of a fully-licensed version of our best-selling software PDF-XChange Editor into developers' applications.

The PDF-XChange PRO SDK bundle, which combines the features of the PDF-XChange Drivers API SDK and the PDF-XChange Core API SDK, and also features a programmatic OCR module and access to all library DLL functions - including the creation of programmatic, fillable forms and digital signature capabilities.


See here for further information about our developer products and a comprehensive list of available applications.


Please note:


The PDF-XChange Drivers API SDK is not a royalty-free tool kit. A fixed amount of licenses are included in each SDK product. Additional bulk-license packs are available for a reasonable price - see here for further information.

This toolkit must not be used to develop toolkits/components for non-licensed developers.

This toolkit must not be used to assist in the creation of printer drivers.

The license agreement contains all relevant terms and conditions of use. If you are unsure whether your intended use would be in breach of license then please Contact Us for clarification. Our terms of licensing are flexible and we can often tailor them to meet the specific needs of our clientele.

We recommend experimenting with the evaluation version prior to purchase. Evaluation versions are fully functional - but watermarks will be included on output pages. This means that you can develop your applications fully before making a purchase from PDF-XChange. When a licensed version is purchased all output becomes watermark-free. Our hope is that this can guarantee your satisfaction as we cannot offer refunds once a purchase has taken place.




Please use IPXCControlEx Object to add your registration key to the product.




Our Developer Forums are an excellent resource for troubleshooting.

The Adobe Website is a very useful resource for developers working on applications for the purpose of creating and manipulating PDF formats.

PDF-XChange also provides end-user and developer tool kits for creation/manipulation of PDF and raster image files and virtual printer drivers. See here for further information.


This manual is broken down into the following sections:


The Welcome section contains System Requirements and Installation information.

The Printing Process outlines the steps that take place when the PDF-XChange Drivers API is used to print documents. The following chapters are included:

The IPXCControlEx Object is the property that enables virtual printing and returns the printing interface detailed below.

The IPXCPrinter Interface is used to determine optional parameters in the PDF creation process:

The Properties determine customizable settings such as page layout/ordering, PDF specification, text/image compression options, graphics processing and options for fonts, security, digital signatures, overlays, links, watermarks, headers and footers, document information (information fields and metadata), save options, automatic emailing, optimization and bookmarks.

The Functions are used to perform ActiveX controls such as defining registration information, resetting properties to default values, applying customized properties, adding bookmarks/watermarks, storing/utilizing customized printer options, determining/restoring the default printer and defining the SMTP servers that the automatic email function uses.

The Events are returned during printing via the IPXCPrinter Interface and detail the stages of PDF creation. This section lists and defines all events.

The Unsupported Property Declarations page lists properties that are not supported in this application.

The Macros section details available macroinstructions that can be used in conjunction with the PDF-XChange Drivers API to name files and insert headers/footers.


Windows Support


PDF-XChange has discontinued drivers for all Windows versions prior to Windows 2000 since version 4 of our products. All PDF-XChange version 3 products remain available - which means that Windows 9x/ME/NT is still supported - but it should be noted that no further development will take place for these products. Version 6 supports all Windows versions from Windows 2000.




When installation and registration are complete the COM facilities provided are transparently available in most environments. However, this may be problematic for some 32-bit based IDEs (such as Microsoft Visual Basic 6) running in 64-bit Windows. If this is the case then then the type library (pxccom.tlb) should be manually referenced. It is located in the PDF-XChange installation directory.