Redistributable File Installation

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Redistributable File Installation


DAPI_ICON_ Redistributable File Installation



PDF-XChange provide a comprehensive installation executable for developers to distribute with their applications. This is the only method authorized for distribution. Reverse-engineering or reconfiguration of any kind is strictly prohibited and liable to immediate prosecution due to copyright infringement. Parties unwilling to adhere to this condition must not use PDF-XChange Drivers API V6 within their applications.


All required driver options from Windows 2000 are contained in our installer at both 32 and 64 bit. Developers can either pack the installer within their own installation package or provide it separately. If the latter option is used then it is necessary to call from the installer script. The command line switches detailed below can be used for this purpose.


The PDF-XChange Drivers API is available for redistribution from our Website and updated immediately when new versions are released. (The driver's API at 32/64 bit MSM is also available at this link and can be integrated into any msi installers). Alternatively, click here to download the driver. Please note that additional items are present in the installation folder, the default location of which is:


"C:\Program Files\Tracker Software\PDF-XChange 6 API"


Additional items are as follows:


The APIHelp folder, which contains the license agreement and a link to the online version of the help manual.

The Examples folder, which contains demo applications (and the files of code used to create them) in:




Visual Basic

Please note that executables for the demo applications are located in the Bin folder.

The Languages folder, which contains language files that can be used to set the default UI language. (See below for further information).

The DS Error Lookup Tool, which can be used to identify error codes.

PDF Saver, a feature of PDF-XChange Standard that enables the combination of multiple print jobs into a single PDF document.


Note that the installer is based on Inno Setup, and exit codes are described here.


Silent Installation


This functionality is provided for users with multiple-user licenses and developer SDKs. Please note that the duplication of single-user licenses to multiple machines is illegal. A license is required for each machine on which the PDF-XChange Drivers API is installed with the exception of developer SDKs and the use of the application in evaluation mode.


When the installation of the PDF-XChange Drivers API is taking place on multiple workstations it may be useful for system administrators to perform a silent installation. This removes the need for user interaction and enables the installation to take place from the command line. Several command line options (detailed below) are available. Additionally, it is possible to create a .bat file for distribution with the main installation executable of the host software, which removes the need for a system administrator. However, it should be noted that full administrator privileges are required to install on later 'Win32' versions of Microsoft Windows.


A sample command line is detailed below. Please note that the string content section must begin and end with double quotation marks:


C:\PDFX6SA_sm.exe /VERYSILENT /NORESTART /COMPONENTS="pdfSaver,PDF-XChange driver, Help,Languagess" /DIR="C:\Program Files\PDF-XChange 5\" "/UserName:I am" "/Organization:Tracker software" "/"


Available switches and their parameters/functions are detailed below. Please note that all components are case-sensitive:










This is the full path to the installation executable that all forms of installation utilize. It is required in all cases.







Designates a silent installation that requires no user interaction.




Designates an installation that requires basic user interaction.





Disables the automatic, post-installation reboot. This is not recommended as the PDF-XChange Drivers API requires a reboot in order for changes to take effect.






The full path at which all required files are installed. If it is not available at the time of installation then it will be created. It is required in all cases.


/DIR="C:\Program Files\PDF-XChange\"






The Windows 'Start Menu' folder in which to locate the menu options provided during installation. It will be created as a child menu option of the 'Programs Files' menu and this cannot be changed.


/GROUP="Tracker Software\PDF-XChange 6 API"






If this switch is specified then only listed components will be installed. If this switch is not specified then all components will be installed. Available components are:


pdfSaver (always required)

PDF-XChange driver (always required)


Languagess (please note 'ss' is required)



/COMPONENTS="pdfSaver, PDF-XChange driver, Help,Languagess"






If this option is specified then the PDFSaver4 module of the PDF-XChange Drivers API will unload after the specified timeout (nn, in minutes). This is a useful feature when the application is installed on a Windows Terminal Server/Citrix Metaframe with multiple users. It minimizes the memory in use when PDF creation is idle and automatically reloads as required.








Allows license key registration during silent installation. If this information is not present then PDF-XChange Drivers API will function in demo mode. Please note that this switch must only be used in conjunction with an end-user enabled license and it is illegal to include it in a developer SDK license.








Allows username registration during silent installation.


Username"/UserName:John Doe"






Allows the registration of company details during silent installation.


"/Organization:Tracker software"






Sets the PDF-XChange Drivers API as the default system printer.






Sets the PDF-XChange Drivers API printer name.


/PName="PDF-XChange for my application"






Allows the registration of the user's email address during silent installation.








Sets a language as the UI default for all installed programs and print drivers. See installation folder for a list of available languages. The example below sets the language as German:


PDFX6SA_sm.exe [other parameters] /LANG=gr [Additional parameters]





Installs the print drivers without a visible “printer”.