Tool Properties

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Tool Properties


editor.icon Tool Properties



The table below contains all properties available for the PDF-XChange Editor tools. Click Properties in the Format Tab when tools are selected to view/edit tool properties in the Properties pane.














The Diameter property determines the diameter of the Eraser Tool.


Exclusive Mode



The Exclusive Mode property simplifies the process of using tools. When it is enabled, the pointer ignores all interactive elements of documents other than base content. This makes it possible to create content on areas that overlap with other content without the risk of accidentally selecting undesired items. When Exclusive Mode is disabled, the pointer recognizes and interacts with all underlying elements in the usual manner.



Inertial Scroll



The Inertial Scroll property is a dynamic scrolling option. When it is enabled, document pages will continue to scroll and come to a stop gradually after scrolling actions are performed. When it is disabled document pages will scroll in synchronization with the pointer.



Keep Selected



The Keep Selected property is an editing convenience for tools. When it is enabled tools will remain selected after they are used. When it is disabled the active tool reverts to the designated default tool after a single use.








The Border property determines the border style of content.


Blend Mode



The Blend Mode property determines how content blends with underlying/overlapping content. Further information on this property is available here.



Fill Color



The Fill Color property determines the fill color of content.



Highlight Mode


The Highlight Mode property determines the visual effect when links created using the Link Tool are selected.





The Icon property determines the icon that content uses.





The Opacity property determines the transparency level of content.


Stroke Color


The Stroke Color property determines the border color of content.


Thickness Scale


The Thickness Scale property determines the thickness of strikeout and underline annotations.




The Underline property determines the underline style when the Underline Text Tool is used.




The Width property determines the width of content.







The Font property determines the content font.


Font Size


The Font Size property determines the content font size.


Text Alignment


The Text Alignment property determines the content text alignment.


Text Color


The Text Color property determines the content text color.







The Decimal property determines the symbol used as the decimal separator for the Measuring Tools.




The End property determines the style of line endings.


End Scale


The End Scale property determines the scale used for line endings.




The Group property determines the symbol used as the group separator for the Measuring Tools.


Inline Caption


The Inline Caption property determines whether or not captions are inline captions. If this option is enabled then captions are placed inside annotations instead of on top of annotations.


Leader Extension


The Leader Extension property determines the length of optional lines that extend from leader lines when using the Line/Arrow/Distance Tool.


Leader Length


The Leader Length property determines the length of leader lines.


Leader Offset



The Leader Offset property determines the length of the offset between the pointer and leader lines.





The Precision property determines the precision with which scale conversions are displayed with the Measuring Tools.


Read Only


The Read Only property is the "read only" status of comments/form fields. If this property is enabled then user-editing is disabled. Please note that it is necessary to use JavaScript to change the value of this property in the case of comments.




The Scale property determines the scale used for content.


Show Caption



The Show Caption property determines caption visibility in the Line/Arrow/Distance Tool. When it is enabled, the content of annotations pop-ups is displayed in text format above the baseline. When it is disabled, this content is not displayed.





The Start property determines the style at the beginning of lines.


Start Scale


The Start Scale property determines the scale used at the beginning of lines.




The Subject property determines the content subject title. Note that it is not possible to edit this property in all tools.


Subject Kind



The Subject Kind property determines the content subject value:

Custom renders a custom value for the subject. Enter the desired value in the Subject text box.

Default renders the default subject value.

Global renders the global subject value. Use the Subject text box to enter a new global subject value. All tools that feature a global option in their Subject Kind property will then be updated with the same information.