Extract Attachments

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Extract Attachments


extract.attachments.large.icon Extract Attachments



The Extract Attachments action extracts attachments from documents. It contains the following customizable parameters:



Figure 1. Extract Attachments Action Options


Select the File name box to specify a file mask for the attachments you want to extract. A file mask is a pattern of fixed characters followed by a wildcard that specifies the end of the file mask. You can use either an asterisk or a question mark to specify masks for this action. Asterisks match zero or more arbitrary characters. For example, if you are using this action with a document that contains a large number of attachments, and you want to extract only the attachments that start with the prefix "test", then you can enter the file mask "test*" and only those attachments will be extracted. Alternatively, if you want to specify that only PDF format files are extracted then you can use the file mask "*.pdf" Question marks match one arbitrary character. For example, the file mask "201?" will extract all attachments that have a file name with the prefix '201' followed by exactly one character. If you need to specify more than one mask then you must use a semicolon between masks.

Select the File size box to specify the size range of attachments you want to extract.

Select the Show setup dialog while running box to launch the Extract Attachments dialog box and customize settings each time this action is used. Clear this box to disable the Extract Attachments dialog box from opening each time the action is used, which is useful when the same settings are used consistently.


Click OK to save changes.