Export Bookmarks

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Export Bookmarks


export.bookmarks.large.icon Export Bookmarks



The Export Bookmarks tool creates a copy of bookmarks in input documents and saves them to a new file:



Figure 1. Export Bookmarks Tool Actions Sequence


The Export Bookmarks tool uses four tool actions:


1. choose.input.files.small.icon Choose Input Files - the tool prompts for source documents.

2. export.bookmarks.small.icon Export Bookmarks - a copy of document bookmarks is created.

3. save.documents.small.icon Save Documents - the new documents are saved.

4. show.files.small.icon Show Files - the new documents are displayed in their destination folder.


Click actions to view customizable parameters. Additionally, please note that the Clone Tool feature can be used to clone this tool and then add/remove actions from the Tool Actions Sequence.


Information about the Batch Processing Mode and Multi-Threaded Processing check boxes is available here.