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Main-Image Office2PDF V6



OFFice2PDF enables the batch conversion into PDF of all supported Microsoft Office document formats for MS Word, Excel and HTML document types. Use the windows start icon in the taskbar to access the Office2PDF settings:


Click the windows start icon start-icon in the taskbar.

Enter "Office2PDF" in the search bar. Under the Programs search results, click PDF-XChange Office2PDF. The following dialog box will open:



Figure 1. Office2PDF V6 Dialog Box


Click Options in the toolbar to determine Office2PDF settings. These settings determine the parameters when files are converted to PDF. See here for further information

Click Info to access the Help and About pages.

The Watched Directories list displays the applications/folders that Office2PDF V6 supports. These applications must be used to create files for Office2PDF V6 to convert. If folders are included in the Watched Directories list then files must be saved in them in order for Office2PDF V6 to convert them to PDF. New documents will be converted to PDF automatically when they are saved in the software/folders designated in the list.

Use the Add, Delete and Delete All buttons to add/delete files as desired. Alternatively, drag files into the window.

Use the Folder button to add folders to the list.

Select the Show Applications GUI box to display the user interface of associated applications when files are converted.

Select the Store converted documents in their original folders box to save converted files in the same location as original files.

Select the Automatically process files from just added 'watched' folder box to process files automatically when they are added to watched folders in the Watched directories list.


Click Go to convert files to PDF.