Features Overview

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Features Overview


Main-Image Features Overview



PDF-XChange Standard is one of the most feature-rich virtual printers available worldwide. It combines high quality conversion with optimized compression to create professional documents that are comparatively small in size. The main features of PDF-XChange Standard are detailed below:


AES Encryption to enhance security options.

Booklet Mode enables the printing of booklets and similar documents.

Bookmarks functionality for converted files.

Compression Options that provide settings and standards for images and text.

Conversion of colored images to grayscale/monochrome to enhance compression and reduce file size.

Customzied Printing Profiles that enable the saving of personalized settings for subsequent use.

Digital Signing of documents to demonstrate authenticity.

Document Information options that support basic and advanced settings, including the option to add XMP Metadata.

DPI Reduction to reduce file size.

Font Embedding to ensure compatibility on all computers. Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts are available.

Enhanced Saving options that determine how files are saved/named. Macros have been introduced to increase workflow efficiency.

Headers and Footers can be in inserted into converted files.

Hybrid Conversion Engine that prints to both GDI and XPS.

Language options that support a wide range of languages.

MAPI and SMTP options for emailing files, including .zip compression functionality.

MRC (Mixed Raster Content) support.

MS Office toolbar add-in that installs automatically and creates a tab in MS Office programs on your computer.

n-UP printing options enable the rescalding and/or resizing of pages, and the placement of multiple pages on each printed sheet.

The Office2PDF feature enables the batch-conversion of files and the use of 'watched directories' that enable the auto-conversion of specified folders/files to PDF.

Overlay options that enable the use of PDF pages as overlays.

Paper Properties that provide options for paper size, resolution, scaling and output.

PDF/A: 1a, 1b+2a, 2b and 2u (RGB) are supported as conversion options.

Security options that determine document and password permissions.

Tool Tips are visible when the pointed is hovered over functions/properties.

URL and Email Links can be added when files are converted.

Watermarks can be added to documents in text/graphic format.