Duplicate Pages

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Duplicate Pages


editor.icon Duplicate Pages



Click Duplicate Pages to duplicate document pages and insert them at a specified location in the current document:



Figure 1. Organize Tab, Duplicate Pages


The Duplicate Pages dialog box will open:



Figure 2. Duplicate Pages Dialog Box


Use the Page Range settings to determine which pages are duplicated:


Select All to specify all pages.

Select Current to specify only the current page.

Select Custom to specify a custom page range, then enter the desired page range in the adjacent number box. Further information about how to specify custom page ranges is available here.

Use the Subset options to specify a subset of selected pages. Select All, Odd or Even as desired.


Use the Destination settings to determine the insertion location of duplicated pages:


Use the Location options to select either Before or After.

Use the Page options to select First, Current or Last as desired. Select Custom to specify a custom page, then enter the desired page in the adjacent number box.

Use the Number of copies dropdown menu to determine the amount of duplicates created.

Select the Collate box to collate document pages. This is a useful feature when duplicating multiple copies of multi-page documents. It duplicates entire copies of documents together, as opposed to multiple copies of each page at a time.


Click OK to duplicate pages.