Document Tab Options

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Document Tab Options


editor.icon Document Tab Options



Document tab options are available in the right-click shortcut menu of document tabs:

Figure 1. Document Tab Right-Click Shortcut Menu


Click Duplicate Tab to duplicate the selected tab. A new window will open for the same document and the current page and layout options will be inherited.

Click Rename to rename the document.

Click Close This Tab to close the selected tab.

Click Close All Tabs But This to close all tabs except the selected tab.

Click Close Tabs to the Right to close all tabs on the right of the selected tab.

Click Close Tabs to the Left to close all tabs on the left of the selected tab.

Click Sort All Tabs Alphabetically to sort all open tabs alphabetically.

Click Copy Full File Name to copy the full name of the selected file to the clipboard.

Click Open Containing Folder to open the containing folder of the selected file.

Click Reopen Recently Closed Document to reopen documents that were recently closed.

Click Move to Trash to move documents into the Windows recycle bin.


Note that when multiple tabs are open you can use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl+Num1] to activate the desired document tab. For example, [Ctrl+Num2] opens the second document tab, and [Ctrl+Num5] opens the fifth document tab.