Pan and Zoom

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Pan and Zoom


editor.icon Pan and Zoom



Click Pan and Zoom to open the Pan and Zoom pane:



Figure 1. View Tab, Panes Dropdown Menu, Pan and Zoom


The Pan and Zoom pane displays a miniature version of the current page to assist in editing documents:

Figure 2. Active Pan and Zoom Pane


The blue rectangle in the Pan and Zoom pane determines the current view in the main window.


Click and drag the rectangle to adjust the current view.

Click and drag the yellow control points to manipulate the pan and zoom in the main window.

Click and drag the Pan and Zoom pane to reposition it on the screen. When it is selected, four icons will appear in the center of the borders of the main window:



Figure 3. Pan and Zoom Pane Docking Options


Move the pointer to these icons and then release the mouse button to dock the Pan and Zoom pane. Use the icons in the Pan and Zoom pane to perform the following operations:


Use the panzoom.zoombox zoom dropdown menu, or enter a value manually, to adjust the zoom level of the view in the pan and zoom pane.

Use the panzoom.plusminus Zoom in/Zoom Out buttons to zoom in/out to predefined levels of zoom.

Use the panzoom.firstlast First Page/Last Page buttons to move to the first/last page of documents.

Use the panzoom.firstlastpage Previous Page/Next Page buttons to move to the previous/next page of documents.

Use the panzoom.pagebox Page box to browse to document pages. Enter page numbers and press enter to move to the page specified.

Use the panzoom.snapshot Snapshot icon to copy the current view to the clipboard.