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editor.icon Duplicate



Click Duplicate to duplicate selected annotations/content items:



Figure 1. Selection Submenu, Duplicate


The Duplicate Content Items dialog box will open:



Figure 2. Duplicate Content Items Dialog Box


Select the upper radio button to enable the duplication of selected content items and the creation of a page offset between duplicates. The number entered in the upper number box determines the page offset between the selected content item and duplicates created through the process of duplication. The specified page offset will also be used between duplicates when more than one duplicate is created. Enter a number in the lower number box to specify the number of duplicates created.

Select the lower radio button option to enable the duplication of selected content items to a specified page range:

Select All to duplicate across all pages.

Select Current to duplicate to only the current page.

Select Custom to duplicate to a custom page range, then enter the desired page range in the adjacent number box. Further information about how to specify custom page ranges is available here.

Use the Subset options to specify a subset of selected pages. Select All, Odd or Even as desired.

Use the Duplicates per Page dropdown menu to determine the number of duplicates per page.


Use the Duplicate Options settings to determine duplicate parameters:


Use the Horizontal Offset box to determine the horizontal offset in relation to the duplicated content.

Use the Vertical Offset box to determine the vertical offset in relation to the duplicated content.

Select the Place each selected page's content as an XForm box to place duplicated content as an XForm.


Click OK to duplicate content.