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Editor-Icon Installation



Follow these steps to install PDF-XChange Editor:


1. Use the link in your purchase confirmation email or click here to download the evaluation version of PDF-XChange Editor.


2. When the download is complete, click the file to open the containing folder. (Winzip and have free downloads available if you require software to unzip files).


3. PDFXVE7.exe is displayed next to an icon. Double-click to launch the Open File dialog box.


4. Click Run. The PDF-XChange Editor Setup dialog box will open.


5. Click Install. (Available installation switches can be viewed/printed at this stage. Click Help for all available options and further information).


6. Click Next.


7. Read the End-User License Agreement. Select the box to accept the terms in the License Agreement. Click Next.


8. Select either Custom or Complete setup and select the installation location as desired.


9. Click Next.


10. Click Install.


Please note: when the installer is first run a prompt will ask for your registration number/activation code. We recommend copying and pasting this information from your receipt.


When an evaluation copy of PDF-XChange Editor is being used all output is generated with two watermark stamps on each page. When a full version has been purchased the serial number provided must be entered to ensure that all future output is free of the evaluation watermarks. Follow the steps below to register:


1. Install the software using the steps outlined above.


2. Click the desktop icon to launch the software.


3. Click the Edit tab in the Menu Toolbar.


4. Click Preferences.


5. Click Registration in the Categories menu.


6. Click Add New Serial Key in the registration window


7. Enter the serial key into the text box, or copy and paste it from your clipboard. 


8. Click Continue.


If you have already installed the evaluation version of PDF-XChange Editor then there is no need to install it again. Simply follow the steps outlined above to register the product.


Note that it is not necessary to be online to install a license for PDF-XChange Editor. If you have a hard copy of your license key (for example on a USB stick) then you can simply copy it into the text box in the Registration section detailed above in order to register the license on an offline machine.




Please keep your serial key/activation code safe. Do not share it with other parties, as doing so constitutes an illegal breach of copyright. If we discover evidence of abuse then updates will be disabled for your account. Serial keys/activation codes found on websites offering free and illegal software distribution will be disabled immediately. We monitor such websites on a daily basis. Help us safeguard the integrity of our products to ensure that their future development is made possible. Theft of our software deprives us of investment that improves our products for the benefit of all clients.